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Teleios resources for church leaders are uniquely designed to equip passionate leaders to bring in the harvest. We encourage and teach you to use your gifts to win the lost, transform lives and families, reach your communities and bring God’s glory by increasing His Kingdom rule and reign. 


Years of Pastoral Ministry

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Global Experience

Ministered in Southern Africa, SEA, Asis, UK, USA and Australia

Jan walks with a clear apostolic anointing. He draws the best out of all who come into contact with him. His investment in our prophetically gifted team members over several sessions was crucial to keep us grounded in the Word and operating with fresh insight. His training was priceless.

~ Dr. Chuck Davis

So often in crossing paths with scores of leaders, it becomes plain that the majority have not been discipled into Ministry. They have had to learn the practical, day to day ministry practices by trial and error. Videos and books are pretty much all they have to turn to. Add to this that the majority of Bible Schools and Seminaries focus on Doctrine and information and you have a recipe for frustration and discouragement when it comes to being functionally equipped.

I have made it my aim to bring teaching and mentoring to all levels of Christians, especially Pastors and Ministers. All the material we offer teaches you the “how-to.

– Jan Nel