Every believer can hit a glass ceiling in their walk. The Apostolic Adventure in the northern mountains of Thailand has effectively transformed the walks of believers for many years – since 2004.

On the AAA – (Asian, African or American Apostolic Adventures), the training focuses on these areas:

Launch your year with these amazing event!

The Adventure is a 6-night event where each attendee receives group and individual teaching and mentoring. Your AAA package includes all costs, except for your airfare, and the purchase of personal items. Your lodging is situated in the northern mountains of Thailand, on the newly developed Apostolic Training Centre. Lodging is in cottages and Executive Tents with stunning views of Thailand’s mountains.

We are looking forward to you joining us for a life-changing week.

Pastor Bob Santeusanio

The favour of the Lord was all over this amazing gathering of saints halfway around the globe. The people mix was exceptional, mutual everything from devotion to Christ to passion for ministry to a satisfying sense of respect and admiration for one another’s uniqueness and contribution to the unfolding miracle of what God had prepared for us by His wisdom and grace. The value in terms of what one receives for the required costs was way over the top. A wonderful mix of fun activities purposed to enlighten us to the culture was judiciously woven into a fairly demanding but very worthwhile schedule of intense sessions of Jan’s anointed discipleship training. The seven-day experience of a lifetime was certainly a break from routine, but a vacation it is not. There were many highlights, but I was most appreciative of Sara Nel’s obvious delight in serving as our hostess in her homeland while making us feel like royalty.

Jeremy McClelland

The Thailand trip for me was a life-changing one. The Lord ministered to me powerfully through each aspect of the trip. The times of teaching were incredible in that each seemed a tailored message directly for me. The beauty of the scenery was simply breathtaking. Finally, the prophetic ministry was pinpoint accurate and has helped shape my vision for the future. I would highly recommend this trip and especially Jan and Sara Nel. They are some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. You will not find anyone who is more committed to seeing you reach your full potential in your walk with the Lord. Jan is a spiritual father who I gladly submit to as a son in the Lord. And what can I say about Sara but simply a beautiful picture of a servant who gladly lays down her life every day to serve the Lord and others!

Cathy Carpenter

This summer I have had the privilege of spending time with Jan and his family at their property in Northern Thailand. Jan and Sara’s vision for Kingdom purpose in Thailand has brought them to a property nestled between the Doi Nang Mountain in the west and an outstanding view of a mountain range to the east. The site is walking distance from a quaint village near Chiang Dao. My experience in Thailand was outstanding as I was immersed in an environment entirely different from a Western travel experience. Food, language, and culture were wonderfully exotic.

I stayed in a very comfortable, executive style tent, only steps from a modern shower and toilet area. In the evenings and early mornings the Coucal,” bottle bird” could be heard, with its unique hollow call. I was lucky one night to hear a Thailand Cicada, which makes the loudest sound in the insect world!

Sara went to extremes to ensure I was always comfortable. Sara prepared most of the meals and we ate in an outside covered area within view of the mountains. Sara prepared excellent Thai dishes, using local produce. A beautiful shade of blue, pea flower, is grown on the property which Sara used to make a tasteful tea as well as omelettes and tossed in salads. Many of the fruits available, I have never tasted or seen in American stores, such as mangosteen, rambutan, and longkong sweet.

Walks to the village take you past bucolic rice paddies and vegetable fields. The small road was bordered by tropical flowers and vegetation. I frequently was passed by mopeds, cars, bicycles and pedestrians as they went to the market to sell or buy produce. Many stopped to offer a ride. The outdoor markets in town lined the main street and sold all sorts of local fruits, vegetables, meats, and freshly made Thai food. I often would sit in the market area and observe the Thai people as they went about their day. Thai people are very friendly and welcoming.

Sara had planned several excursions that were completely entertaining. We rode elephants, watched elephants paint with their trunks, and visited a tribal village. We sampled white tea from a tea plantation in the mountains, and Sara drove us to sites in the Hua Nam Dang National Park that had panoramic views of mountains as far away as Myanmar. We also visited the beautiful Royal Botanical and Agricultural Gardens of Angkhang.

The experience with the greatest long term impact was the discussions with Jan concerning our faith, Kingdom purpose, and ministry challenges. Jan is a man blessed with spiritual revelation, and I am always spiritually stretched and encouraged by his instruction. I came back better equipped for Kingdom progression. The team of Jan, Sara, and Nora are already impacting Northern Thailand with their presence and prayers. 

Something is moving in the spiritual realm in Thailand! Their vision is huge for this area. I am honoured to be a small part of it by my presence this summer as I believe any Christian presence is beneficial for God to advance in this country. I am writing this to encourage others that are considering visiting Jan and Sara, on an Apostolic Adventure experience. The trip was so worth the expense and time in travel.

Father Daniel Morgan

I attended the first AAA because I was hungry to go deeper in my calling to leadership, to re-ignite God’s power in my life and to discover the unique calling he had on me for the season ahead.

I returned from the AAA with an increased capacity to operate in my spiritual gifts, increase my ability to discern the heart of God and to gather kingdom principles that I need to build into other.

Others should go because there is a drought in our culture for spiritual fathers. Jan has been a Father, a friend, a catalyst for an accelerated life and any chance I have to go away and grow like this I would jump at!!

I have gone once by myself and once with my wife Kristin…. Two of the most watershed events in my life!  NO DOUBT A 10

I teach regularly from what I have learned here….. Again a 10

I would tell leaders to do the math! In a years time they drink enough coffee to fund the flight, On one vacation we would spend as much as this without batting an eyelash… and while this is no vacation, I have not experienced greater beauty, richer adventure nor more exciting experiences than I have on the two AAA trips I have attended ( one in South Africa and one in Thailand)

Allison Lowrie

I went on the Apostolic Adventure in South Africa a few years ago.  It was a life-changing experience for me.  

I went because others had said it was life-changing and I was frustrated feeling like God didn’t speak to me and not knowing what the calling was for my life.  I’d also been pressing in for healing.  I wanted a breakthrough.  As I went I was hopeful and somewhat expectant that God would do something and I’d come back changed, although I didn’t know in what way. 

 Wow, was that true!  God healed me of 30 years of significant food and other allergies and also of much of my insecurity. I also heard him tell me that as I experienced my own healing, I would begin to be used in healing others. 

I received very prophetic encouragement and some clarity on God’s calling on my life much of which has come to pass.  I came back with much more faith, more hope, and with a breakthrough in a journey to more intimacy with God.  

I would highly encourage others to go on the trip.  If you go open to receive what God has for you, you will find it life-changing.

C.J. Sabella

I want to express my immense gratitude for the time spent on the Apostolic Adventure. Last week will go down as a defining week in my life. 

My hope in going was to come back a different person. While on the trip, I enjoyed myself, I received top-notch training and insight, and was forced to face some of my “problem areas”. Yet, I didn’t have that dramatic moment where everything turns around. No pillar of fire, as it were. 

BUT, then I came home. It seems every day the teaching and insight continue to roll around in my brain and change the way I do things. It feels like my spiritual DNA is being restructured. I wanted to share a quick testimony with you. Sunday was a weird day. While at church I encountered situations that previously would have gotten under my skin, turned me off, tuned me out, etc. But, even while I was aware this was the norm, they didn’t affect me. I would be asked to do something outside of my comfort zone and find myself doing it with a smile and a new boldness that I’ve never had before. I prayed Sunday morning that the Lord would provide new experiences and He did!

As service was concluding, my dad invited anyone who needed to know what God’s direction in their life was up for prayer. He then informed everyone that he would pray for them along with his two sons. In the past, I would’ve squirmed at this, but I found myself up front ready to pray with the people coming to the altar. I then prayed a prayer I’ve prayed many times before: “Lord, if you have a word for them, here I am, send me”. 

I’ve never operated prophetically…at least intentionally. I’ve tried and tried and generally feel like it’s coming from my heart, not the Lord’s. On Sunday, He dropped 3 words into my heart during prayer for 3 different people. All 3 said the words resonated strongly and 2 of the 3 caught me again before leaving to share that they were greatly impacted. I’m not taking credit (as you say, “don’t kiss the mailman”), but it was an incredible experience. I’ve had multiple words over my life regarding prophetic gifting, but have never seen any manifestation up until now. On Sunday there was a clarity I’ve never experienced, there was no question in my heart of “Is this God? Is this me?” 

On the other end of the spectrum, my mind has been in a totally different place. It appears I have new air traffic controllers, and they’ve been very picky about which planes have clearance to land in my mind, which don’t, and which need to be shot out of the sky. Life is heading in a new and fresh direction. My wife says I’m a different husband and father than the one who left.

I don’t mean to write a novel but just wanted to thank you again for everything you did/provided on the Adventure. It was life-changing and I’m so grateful! It was an experience I will never forget. 

God bless you and your family. You are constantly in my prayers.